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NEW Spiritual Awareness Newsletter

A fortnightly Spiritual Awareness Newsletter is now available at: https://paper.li/SpiritualAwareness/ The newsletter carries articles on a wide range of spiritually related topics. It’s available to read online, including the archives, or you can subscribe to the email list and receive the newsletter in your email inbox. There’s a subscription form on the right hand side […]

Further Advice on Joining a Gurdjieff Work Group

More Thoughts on Joining a Gurdjieff Group / School After I published an article online some time ago (no longer available) regarding Gurdjieff work groups, a prospective student of the Gurdjieff work emailed some questions. What follows is Part II of my response to the prospective student’s queries. (The student’s questions have been abbreviated.) Read […]

How To Use Autosuggestion Techniques For Self-Improvement

Self Improvement Using Autosuggestion: An Enhanced Technique Émile Coué (1857–1926) was a French pharmacist and psychologist who popularised the idea of self-improvement through the use of autosuggestion. He encouraged using positive autosuggestion combined with imagination to achieve a desired outcome. Auto-suggestion can be used to change external circumstances in our lives by bringing experiences, people […]

Buddha Picture Online Gift Store

It’s been a busy weekend -tidying and planting in the garden to take advantage of the fine weather and building a new online gift store with images of the Buddha. I’d forgotten the Buddha picture was on my hard drive. I took the photo a while ago and decided to put it to good use […]

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