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Bullying Behaviour & How to Deal With It

Bullying behaviour – what to expect and how to deal with it. A warning. Bullies are destroyers. At first, they can seem like perfectly reasonable, even charming people, but it’s not long before the cracks begin to show. A vindictive bully will steadily demoralise and destroy everything and everyone around him or her. The current […]

Inspirational Janet Napolitano Quotes

Janet Napolitano Quotations Janet Napolitano Quotes: (Updated thru 2018) Though many of these quotes come from Janet Napolitano’s commencement speeches, they are relevant not just to university graduates, but to all. * On the subject of free speech: “Civil discourse between those with opposing views seems a quaint relic of the past.” Janet Napolitano, announcing […]

Janet Napolitano: A Face Reading

Janet Napolitano: A Face Reading A few years ago I studied face reading, or personology as it is now more commonly called. I was briefly a vice-president of the late Paul Elsner’s Personology Foundation of the Pacific which was based in Hawaii. I no longer pursue this interest but I still find myself scrutinizing people’s […]

What Makes a Woman Lead?

An abridged version of remarks made by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California System, on April 4th 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania upon receiving the Beacon Award, was published here. The following are comments I made in response: “Unlike the poster of the previous comment, I’m an admirer of Janet Napolitano. She […]

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