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Bullying Behaviour & How to Deal With It

Bullying behaviour – what to expect and how to deal with it. A warning. Bullies are destroyers. At first, they can seem like perfectly reasonable, even charming people, but it’s not long before the cracks begin to show. A vindictive bully will steadily demoralise and destroy everything and everyone around him or her. The current […]

Inspirational Janet Napolitano Quotes

Janet Napolitano Quotations Janet Napolitano Quotes: (Updated thru 2018) Though many of these quotes come from Janet Napolitano’s commencement speeches, they are relevant not just to university graduates, but to all. * On the subject of free speech: “Civil discourse between those with opposing views seems a quaint relic of the past.” Janet Napolitano, announcing […]

Buddha Picture Online Gift Store

It’s been a busy weekend -tidying and planting in the garden to take advantage of the fine weather and building a new online gift store with images of the Buddha. I’d forgotten the Buddha picture was on my hard drive. I took the photo a while ago and decided to put it to good use […]

Janet Napolitano: A Face Reading

Janet Napolitano: A Face Reading A few years ago I studied face reading, or personology as it is now more commonly called. I was briefly a vice-president of the late Paul Elsner’s Personology Foundation of the Pacific which was based in Hawaii. I no longer pursue this interest but I still find myself scrutinizing people’s […]

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