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People of Conscience Versus The Sociopaths – Therese's Blog

People of Conscience Versus The Sociopaths

“Sociopaths do not play the game of life by the same rules as the People of Conscience.”

One of the problems today, with the brutal conflicts occurring in different parts of the world, is that People of Conscience are not sufficiently aware of the nature of the Sociopaths spearheading and supporting these conflicts. They are unable to deal with them effectively because they don’t fully recognise and understand them. Thus, the People of Conscience are being frustrated and out-manoeuvred. Let’s take a close look at the instigators of these conflicts.

Characteristics of People of Conscience vs Sociopaths

Sociopaths, of which there are degrees, have little or no conscience. Sociopaths are often charming, intelligent and influential yet intolerant, manipulative, and devious. They deceive by withholding vital information and lie about the facts. They undermine through devious means anyone they see as an opponent in order to weaken them. They are vengeful. Stand up to them and they are guaranteed to exact their revenge making others fearful of them.

They get off on power. They gravitate towards those in power, and positions of power, so that they can exercise power themselves. They are ruthless in their use of other people. If anything needs doing, they enslave others without regard for their well-being. Other people are expendable – they enjoy getting rid of them. And if they can, they will stuff their bank accounts full of money (which they hoard) at the expense of others.

People of Conscience on the other hand, display compassion, kindness, tolerance, and respect towards others. They have empathy with the suffering of others including animals. They care. They don’t just talk about these things. Anyone can talk like they have a conscience, including Sociopaths, but genuine People of Conscience are distinguishable by their actions not just their words.

Look For The Helpers
Look For The Helpers
Image credit: unknown

How the Battle Between People of Conscience & the Sociopaths is Playing Out Today

Take a look at one major issue in the world today. ISIL, ISIS or IS as they now call themselves (another characteristic of sociopathic types – they enjoy changing names – it confuses others and thus weakens them). The ISIS regime operates with brutality in order to gain the power and control they crave.

People of Conscience plead with the leaders of ISIS to restrain themselves and behave decently towards other human beings. But the People of Conscience do not understand that Sociopaths do not play the game of life by the same rules as People of Conscience. Asking them to show restraint, empathy or respect for others is futile. They don’t understand the meaning of these words.

Can Anything Be Done to Resolve the Current Savage Conflict?

In the current crisis, what is to be done?

1. The first thing is for People of Conscience to wake-up and realise what they are dealing with. Sociopaths. Recognise them. Know them.

2. Secondly, to confront Sociopaths you need allies and the stronger and more powerful those allies the better. Groups of like-minded strong people e.g. governments, can face-down Sociopaths and bring their activities to a halt, in a way that individuals acting alone never can.

3. Thirdly, public protests shine a light on wrong-doing. The more people see what is happening the less chance there is of the Sociopaths deceiving people.

4. Fourthly, deny the Sociopaths what they want: arms, money, and power. Limit their supply of arms, restrict their money supply, and impose restraints on them, since they will not restrain themselves. Strong, united, powerful allies can do this.

Ultimately, if all else fails, and if Sociopaths like ISIS continue to rampage and spread like a cancer through the body of humanity, more drastic action may be needed by those who have the means to unite in strength against them. And where ISIS is concerned, it may be the only way to protect and preserve whole swathes of humanity.

Are There Reasons To Be Hopeful?

Fortunately for humanity, there appear to be far more People of Conscience in the world than Sociopaths so numbers are on the side of conscience. But the People of Conscience must act and not be inhibited by personal, political, territorial or religious issues.

Only when People of Conscience wake up and realize they are being out-manoeuvred by Sociopaths, and discover effective ways of confronting them, will the game change. Make no mistake it will be difficult. It is a challenge that will take courage and persistence.

What More Can Be Done?

When you come to vote at the next election in your area, and are faced with a choice of candidates, select someone whose actions (not just their words) show them to be among the People of Conscience. You know how to recognize them now. Their political affiliation is almost irrelevant, as is their religion.

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