In the Garden June 2014

In the garden June 24th – a pretty cinnabar moth resting on a sage leaf. Wish the photo could have been better in focus but the moth kept fluttering from leaf to leaf. (Click the images to see the larger versions).

Cinnabar moth on a sage leaf
Cinnabar Moth on a sage leaf – June 2014.
Image copyright: Therese Donnelly

A rusty birdbath restored – with a little whimsical decor. The birds are puzzled. They go to land then fly away. Someone suggested they fly off to consult the Observer Book of Birds 🙂

Birdbath restored
Birdbath Restored.
Image copyright: Therese Donnelly

Caught in the act. A grey squirrel taking peanuts from the bird feeder. Cheeky!

Grey Squirrel Stealing Peanuts
Grey Squirrel Stealing Peanuts.
Image copyright: Therese Donnelly

Some of the roses are showing well this month. This is the strongly scented hybrid tea rose “Deep Secret”.

Scented Rose: Deep Secret
Scented Rose: Deep Secret.
Image copyright: Therese Donnelly

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