What Makes a Woman Lead?

An abridged version of remarks made by Janet Napolitano, President of the University of California System, on April 4th 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania upon receiving the Beacon Award, was published here.

Janet Napolitano
Janet Napolitano – June 27th 2011
Image Credit: whitehouse.gov/Thomas Miller
The following are comments I made in response:

“Unlike the poster of the previous comment, I’m an admirer of Janet Napolitano. She is an inspiring example of an intelligent, well-educated, strong leader tempered by caring and compassion.

More than likely, the main reason many women don’t “get in the game” is because they are too busy giving birth, creating a home and raising their children and it leaves them with insufficient time, energy, financial resources, or inclination to pursue leadership roles.

Also, I believe everyone is innately bisexual. This doesn’t necessarily lead to a strong attraction to, or a relationship with someone of the same sex but it does mean that some women inherit or develop foetally more masculine traits than others (and conversely, some men have more feminine traits than other men).

Those women with more masculine traits than the majority can be well suited to positions of leadership (provided they have the necessary qualifications) because they possess the strong drive and aggressiveness of the masculine moderated by the nurturing aspect of the feminine.

It is such a pity that some people, men especially, see fit to insult the masculinity seen in some women when it’s often this unique combination of masculine and feminine qualities that can help a woman become an exceptional leader.”

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