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How Do We Pray & To Whom?

Who exactly, will we be communicating with? Something outside ourselves? Something within ourselves? Or perhaps some form of combined energy emanating from us all? In any event, invisible help does seem to be available and it doesn’t appear to be necessary to define it before relating to it. If you don’t really believe in such […]

Inspiration for the Light of the World

From a Spanish sonnet and the Book of Revelation According to the Rev. Richard Glover (1862), the idea of painting the picture was suggested to Mr Hunt by a sonnet entitled “Tomorrow” by Lope de Vega (Spanish). The translation below is by H. W. Longfellow: Lord, what am I, that, with unceasing care, Thou did’st […]

Light of the World – Holman Hunt

“The Light of the World” is one of William Holman Hunt’s most famous and symbolic paintings. John Ruskin described it as “One of the very noblest works of sacred art ever produced in this or any other age.” The spiritual meaning of the painting “The Light of the World” is described here by the English […]