Janet Napolitano: A Face Reading

Janet Napolitano: A Face Reading

A few years ago I studied face reading, or personology as it is now more commonly called. I was briefly a vice-president of the late Paul Elsner’s Personology Foundation of the Pacific which was based in Hawaii. I no longer pursue this interest but I still find myself scrutinizing people’s facial features to see what I can discover about their hidden talents and character.

Janet Napolitano, UC President
Janet Napolitano, UC President, 2014
Image Credit: Office of the President, University of California
I’ve been exploring the life and career of Janet Napolitano, the current President of the University of California System.

In her previous roles as Governor of Arizona and more especially as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, she was frequently attacked in online forums and articles not only for her policies but also her appearance. Some even went as far as to describe her as being ugly which I found incomprehensible.

Unsurprisingly, her critics would illustrate their point with the most unflattering image they could find.

In fact, Janet Napolitano, with her finely proportioned face and features, is actually quite beautiful.

Janet Napolitano, Brussels, 2011 Image credit: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP
Janet Napolitano, Brussels, 2011
Image credit: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP

In this photograph you can see that the structure of Janet’s face is evenly proportioned. Also, her features: eyes, nose and mouth, are all a similar size giving her face a nice balance.

The length of Janet’s hair in the photograph above, and its neat styling, is complementary to the structure of her face.

Additionally, there is an almost equal balance between the left and right sides of the face which suggests a stable, well-balanced individual with an even temperament. Even seen in profile, no feature destroys the facial balance. For example, she doesn’t have an excessively receding or protruding chin, or receding forehead, or a long nose.

Janet Napolitano, San Francisco, April 2011
Janet Napolitano, San Francisco, April 2011
Image Credit: Lucy Atkin/The Chronicle

Janet’s most striking facial feature is her eyes. They are large, suggesting someone sensitive who feels matters deeply. The eyes also indicate someone with a caring and affectionate nature who is probably quite generous too, and tolerant of others. There is not much that will faze her and people enjoy her company.

The large eyes also suggest that when Janet was younger she was probably rather naive and gullible and still may be to some extent.

A fold of skin almost covers the upper eyelid revealing someone who is good at figuring things out, analysing, re-assembling and understanding every detail of a subject and at the same time, helping others understand.

Her eyes are also shallow-set revealing a playful individual with a sense of fun who knows how to relax and not take life too seriously.

Janet Napolitano
Janet Napolitano
Image credits: Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic, Susana Vera/Reuters

Janet’s mouth is of pleasing proportions and the lower lip is somewhat fleshy which indicates someone happy to talk.

The upper lip is a little slender but not excessively so. People with a very thin upper lip, which in some instances is nearly invisible, tend to be habitually curt to the point of rude. This is not the case with Janet Napolitano. Like all of us, she is probably abrupt at times but it isn’t a major feature of her being.

The width of the face and slight flaring of the nostrils are both suggestive of a confident person though not someone inclined to be over-confident.

Janet Napolitano in 2011
Janet Napolitano in 2011
Image credit: unknown
The shape of Janet’s ears is especially notable. Do you see the beautiful roundedness of the upper, outer edge of the ear? This is someone who has an ear for music.

Even if I had not read online of her love of opera, singing, playing guitar and clarinet, and with an early ambition to be a band director, I would have known of Janet’s musical ability, though I would not have been able to work out what form it would take.

This may seem like an overly complimentary portrayal, but it is what Janet Napolitano’s facial features reveal.

Naturally, there is more to anyone that can be seen in just the face. The physical structure of the whole person needs to be described in order to have a more complete picture of a person’s character.

Even though I’ve studied body types as described in one of the Gurdjieff-inspired teachings, without having met Janet Napolitano, and having only online images and videos to view, I’ve struggled to identify her body type. I’ve tentatively concluded it’s probably solar-jovial (a combination of the energetic, electric, active, positive solar, with the passive, positive, cheerful jovial) – but that’s an article for another day – maybe … 🙂

Even with all the information gathered from studying someone’s physical being i.e. their essence, which is to say what they are born with, the picture is still not complete.

Everyone has a personality too i.e. what they have acquired since birth: memories, experiences, knowledge, ideas, aspirations, and opinions. Taking into account the combination of essence and personality, offers the best chance of understanding and appreciating others.

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