In Praise of Janet Napolitano – Part 1

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano
Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security.

(Image credit: FEMA/Barry Bahler, June 16th 2009, Washington DC)

The following positive quotations are a way of expressing admiration for Janet Napolitano’s intelligence, work ethic, sense of humor, dignity under pressure, and dignity under attack from many who have made misogynistic, abusive, and undeserved comments online, about her abilities and being.

Until early September 2013, Janet Napolitano was the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. Previously she had been Attorney General in Arizona and was twice elected Governor of the State of Arizona. She is currently President of the University of California System.

Heading up Homeland Security with its oversight and coordination of 22 agencies is a herculean task and from all accounts, Janet Napolitano met this challenge head-on, readily grasping complex issues and competently working her socks off 24/7 for more than four years in the service of the American people. Of course, she wasn’t perfect because she is human. But the mistakes she made she admitted to, learnt from, and moved on.

 Janet Napolitano - FEMA/Michael Osborne- Nashville TN, 1st Sept 2010

Janet Napolitano
(Image credit: FEMA/Michael Osborne- Nashville TN, 1st Sept 2010)

Here follows a selection of comments made by those who know Janet Napolitano and have worked with her.

Peter Baird, senior partner at the Phoenix law firm, Lewis & Roca, where janet Napolitano worked prior to becoming U.S. attorney: “You could tell the second she got off the elevator she was going to be a force” “She’s remarkably bright, not just in an academic sense but in a human judgment sense”

Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina told The Washington Times: “She is one of the absolute stars of this Cabinet”

“Mr. Messina cited the recent flooding in North Dakota as an example of Ms. Napolitano being “an organizational dynamo” — he spoke with her five times a day, including a few midnight and early morning calls. “She knew exactly what she was doing.”

“The woman is a born administrator who knows how to get stuff done,” he said. “You come out of a meeting with her and say, ‘Wow, the president made a great choice.’

Janet Napolitano - Image Credit: FEMA/David Fine - May 08, 2010, Nashville, TN

Janet Napolitano with State Senator Harper
(Image credit: FEMA/David Fine – May 08, 2010, Nashville, TN)

From a Washington Times article in 2009 by Christina Bellantoni: “Her friends called her focused, fair and funny “They used words like tough, astute and pragmatic, and each one labeled her “down to earth.”

Shaun Donovan, secretary of housing and urban development: “She has a wicked sense of humor” “… passion and ability to connect with people”

“Her door is always open,” says State Sen. Tom O’Halleran, a Republican, who has clashed with Napolitano over legislation but is also impressed by her negotiating skills. “She’s not stuck to an ideology.”

“She is as driven as she is smart,” said Stan Barnes, a veteran Republican consultant and former state legislator.

…………………………………. Continued in Part 2

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