Creating an I-Ching Font

In need of an I-Ching font to illustrate a new interpretation of the Chinese classic “The I Ching” or “Book of Changes” that I’m writing, I headed over to

FontStruct provides a free, online tool for creating your own typeface. Having watched the short introductory screencast, the font creator proved surprisingly easy to use.

I used one keyboard character for each of the 64 hexagrams plus separate characters for each of the eight trigrams. Here is a sample:

I-Ching font hexagrams
Sample: I Ching Font Hexagrams

Once a font is created it can be shared with the FontStruct community or remain private. Since the copyright belongs to the creator of the font, I am reassured that there will be no copyright issues when it comes to using this I Ching font in the forthcoming book.

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