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Bullying Behaviour & How to Deal With It

Bullying behaviour – what to expect and how to deal with it. A warning. Bullies are destroyers. At first, they can seem like perfectly reasonable, even charming people, but it’s not long before the cracks begin to show. A vindictive bully will steadily demoralise and destroy everything and everyone around him or her. The current […]

Creating an I-Ching Font

In need of an I-Ching font to illustrate a new interpretation of the Chinese classic “The I Ching” or “Book of Changes” that I’m writing, I headed over to FontStruct provides a free, online tool for creating your own typeface. Having watched the short introductory screencast, the font creator proved surprisingly easy to use. […]

The Greatest Threat Facing the World Today (It’s Not What You Think)

Planet Earth is densely populated and resources are dwindling. Extreme weather events are increasing, threatening property, lives, crops, water supplies, and habitable land. An asteroid impact threat exists as do threats from volcanic eruptions and destructive earthquakes. Wars are raging. Extremists without conscience are exhibiting a blatant disregard for human life. Politicians are in the […]

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