Bullying Behaviour & How to Deal With It

Bullying behaviour – what to expect and how to deal with it.

A warning. Bullies are destroyers. At first, they can seem like perfectly reasonable, even charming people, but it’s not long before the cracks begin to show.

A vindictive bully will steadily demoralise and destroy everything and everyone around him or her. The current President-Elect has a history of questionable actions and lawsuits against business people he has had dealings with over the past thirty years. This information is readily available through an internet search and includes Sir Richard Branson’s recent blog post on the President-Elect’s vows of revenge against people he felt slighted by.

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If you dare to stand up to a bully or cross him in any way, he will get rid of you or destroy you mentally and financially. People around him will be scared for their jobs and their income which they cannot afford to lose, because they need to pay their bills and support their families. They will feel pressured to do what the bully wants to protect their own interests, even if they don’t agree with what is being asked of them. The people a bully surrounds himself with, and who survive his onslaughts, will be malleable yet ruthless yes-men and women.

Vengeful bullies are best dealt with by people in a position of strength who have nothing to lose i.e. those with money and plenty of it, those whose careers have come to a natural end, and anyone in a senior post whose position is secure in law e.g. elected officials.

Additionally, such a power-hungry individual is very difficult to confront alone so whoever does have to confront him or her will need strong, powerful allies. For others, for the sake of their mental and emotional health, the company of such a person and the toxic atmosphere they create is best avoided. Do not be tempted to work for a known bully. Keep well away.

You might imagine it would be easy to moderate this individual’s behaviour or keep them in check but you’re wrong. You will not be able to, because this type of bully does not play the ‘game of life’ by the same rules as you are accustomed to. For example, what most would consider to be helpful or compassionate or kind behaviour, they view as weaknesses to be exploited. So, if you are reasonable with them, do not expect them to respond in kind.

Bullies like to withhold vital information to keep you at a disadvantage and then, when you’ve been humiliated, they will reveal what the full story is. So, when they explain something to you, do not be satisfied. Always ask if there anything else you need to know and keep delving until you get the full picture.

No to bullying. What part of no don't you understand

Bullies have no respect for your personal space which is one of the ways they intimidate you, so when they are around, be on your guard. Be present and aware for as long as you can be, whilst in their presence. When you are inattentive, they instinctively sense a weakness in you and will attack.

Fear not. The picture is not as hopeless at it looks. The bully too has weaknesses not least of which, in the case of the President-Elect, is his vanity, which from a distance looks to be the size of Jupiter. Then there is his age, and the deeply-rooted fears which will be exposed as he grapples with the enormity of task he has taken on. Additionally, he already has a lot of enemies and will make many more.

How many people will he be vengeful against in future, and how long, before his enemies turn on him?? All sane, reasonable and sensible people had better hope it does not take too long.

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