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Author: Therese

3 Scented English Roses

Three scented roses are doing well in the garden this year: a climber, a hybrid tea, and a shrub rose. The shrub rose is the beautiful David Austin William Shakespeare┬« 2000. This is a gorgeous velvety, crimson rose with an old rose fragrance. Its average height is suggested to be around 1 meter but the […]

3 Easy To Grow Flowers For Bees

I’ve discovered recently, just how many types of bees are found in the UK: 24 species of bumblebees, around 225 species of solitary bee and just a single honeybee species, according to bumblebeeconservation.org. This year in the garden the flowers of three plants have been especially attractive to bees of different species. First off, one […]

Creating an I-Ching Font

In need of an I-Ching font to illustrate a new interpretation of the Chinese classic “The I Ching” or “Book of Changes” that I’m writing, I headed over to fontstruct.com. FontStruct provides a free, online tool for creating your own typeface. Having watched the short introductory screencast, the font creator proved surprisingly easy to use. […]

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