3 Scented English Roses

Three scented roses are doing well in the garden this year: a climber, a hybrid tea, and a shrub rose.

The shrub rose is the beautiful David Austin William Shakespeare® 2000. This is a gorgeous velvety, crimson rose with an old rose fragrance.

David Austin rose William Shakespeare® 2000
Rose: William Shakespeare® 2000

Its average height is suggested to be around 1 meter but the one I have has grown to about 2 meters possibly because I did very little pruning last year and also because the rose is struggling to grow between two other shrubs and has pushed itself up above them to get maximum light.

The climbing rose is called Compassion. It is managing to flower well in somewhat dry soil that gets a fair amount of sun.

Climbing Rose - Compassion
Climbing Rose – Compassion

The Compassion rose grows to a height of around three meters but with hard pruning it has been kept down to 1.5 so that the flowers are more accessible.

Pot-grown is the fragrant hybrid tea bush rose called Chandos Beauty. This is the third year of growth and it is proving to be an attractive and disease resistant rose.

Hybrid Tea Rose: Chandos Beauty
Hybrid Tea Rose: Chandos Beauty

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