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New Light On Cults

My new book, which explores why people join and stay in religious cults, “New Light on Cults,” is now available in e-book and paperback formats on via and also on via

Lovely Winter Flowering Shrubs UK

Two garden shrubs are currently in flower this winter: The winter jasmine‘s showing an abundance of bright yellow flowers. It’s an easy to maintain shrub needing minimal care. During the summer, its green foliage covers an good area of a south-west facing wall providing protective cover for small birds. Another shrub needing only minimal care, […]

NEW Spiritual Awareness Newsletter

A fortnightly Spiritual Awareness Newsletter is now available at: The newsletter carries articles on a wide range of spiritually related topics. It’s available to read online, including the archives, or you can subscribe to the email list and receive the newsletter in your email inbox. There’s a subscription form on the right hand side […]

Dahlia Annual or Perennial

Are dahlias annuals or perennials? Annual dahlias can become perennials; it depends on how successful their over-wintering is. I purchased a dozen annual dahlia plug-plants early in the summer.  They were a mix called ‘harlequin’. Once they flowered in late summer (they seemed to be held back by the unusually prolonged, very hot  weather), they […]

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